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For conscious leaders and leading creatives who want to bring spiritual depth in their business or life, in the midst of their busy daily existence.


The 7 principles to guide you into trust, freedom and connection


  Dive deep into the structures

of your mind, body, and spirit


"Fenja teaches that you can connect to nature, your intuition, your heart and even the whole universe—no matter what your life is like. This program changed these things from concepts in my mind to real life experiences I now know how to connect to whenever I want."

—Esther Bezooijen

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 head, heart

& gut

The latest business research shows that even on the highest level—both in business as well as life—decisions are made intuitive. Still in Western society, we tend to overfocus on the rational mind. But to be truly successful, we need to start learning how to balance head, heart & gut. 


By navigating on trust we master the age-old art of embracing uncertainty. Because the unknown is the fertile ground for innovation, wealth and freedom.


Hi, I am Fenja

Consciousness coach, trust guide &

spiritual teacher. I cultivate spiritual awakening to connect to our human evolutionarily possibility and undivided wholeness—in mind, body, spirit, life, and business. 

Fenja integrates psychology, quantum science, age-old knowledge and creative-strategic thinking. In her trajectories, she takes you on a journey—to your essence and from there outwards again. Fenja's approach is based on her more than ten-year study of science, world religions, energy work, psychology, philosophy, consciousness and quantum physics. She takes her working method from the ideas of Jiddu Krishnamurti about mind, meditation and human relations; Deepak Chopra's 7 Spiritual Laws of Success; and the work of Jean Houston and universal quantum forces, among many others. Fenja uses energetic healing techniques such as Kundalini Yoga, Reiki and ancient Tibetan and Aboriginal techniques taught by Jose Machado and builds her guidance on evolutionary psychological frameworks such as Clare Graves and practices from an international heart community, Terry Patten's New Republic of the Heart.


"Being guided by Fenja changed my perspective on life profoundly."

I learned to trust life more. I can see more clearly at - and beyond - structures like society, time and our mind. This changed the way I relate to people, nature and myself. From fear to love. From insecurity to trust. She's your person to get there.”



"Silence is not the absence of anything but the presence of everything." In this free webinar, Fenja provides 3 spiritual life tools to get out of the busy mind and create more internal and external space and silence. Receive a meditation, a reflection tool, and a practice you can bring into your day. 



Listen to the Podcast with Fenja on Untangled. Untangled explores the lives of women who have questioned our social systems, constructs and norms and chosen to live life in a different, often unconventional way. What does it really take to untangle from society’s giant rule book, move away from the mundane and embark on a search for something more?


Trust is the open-minded opening of your mind and heart to life and your path. Faith holds on, trust lets go. Trust knows no boundaries, it is a dive into the unknown.

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