Are you also longing for a revolution of your consciousness? To lead your life, your business, or your team from a deep state of trust and freedom? Finding tranquility and space in the midst of the daily uncertainty. Learning the art of sailing instead of rowing.


By navigating on trust we master the age-old art of embracing uncertainty. Because the unknown is the fertile ground for innovation, wealth and freedom.

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How are you going to grow in trust?

The principles of trust are about what happens to us, energetically, when we establish an abiding attitude of trust. It heightens intuition, drives innovation, and brings a feeling of interconnectedness. And above all, it results in extraordinary dividend.


"A clear awareness of the negative patterns of my mind and the effect these have on my life. The understanding that I can choose not to identify with the mind has given me a sense of hope and freedom and I am excited to strengthen my awareness even further, using the tools provided in the course."

Ehud Neuhaus, Yoga Docent, Amsterdam

"I would recommend this course to anybody that is in the search of mind peace, finding his/her path, clean the inner house or simply finding a way to enjoy life from a more authentic place."

Reyna Oleas, Social Innovator, Galapagos Islands

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Tapping into Trust

online program

Many of us have come in contact with different forms of mindfulness, meditation and spirituality. Still, it is not easy to apply these principles in our daily lives. We keep going back to the same mind patterns. Yet if we wish to evolve to a new layer of knowing, being and doing, we have to evolve beyond the mind and apply a new kind of intelligence. That of heart, mind, and gut. This is falling into trust. Developing to a new level of consciousness. The online Tapping into Trust course is the chance to make that jump. 


The understanding of trust is something like trying to catching a stream of running water. By catching the water we clearly will not understand what running water is. To catch running water we have to let it go and flow. The same counts for that thing we call trust.


 head, heart

& gut

The latest business research shows that even on the highest level—both in business as well as life—decisions are made intuitive. Still in Western society, we tend to overfocus on the rational mind. But to be truly successful, we need to start learning how to balance head, heart & gut. 


I bring silence, energy and movement. By connecting you with a feeling of trust, we can activate a new kind of intelligence. This means not only a revolution in your consciousness, but also a transformation in your business or professional life. In my coaching trajectories I integrate psychology, sociology, ancient knowledge, mindfulness, meditation, and new innovative consciousness techniques." 

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