I guide conscious individuals ready to navigate life, work or business in a new way. Inner transformation and raising consciousness, vision, mission, intuition and wisdom are central in this process.


"Fenja's presence is transformational. With her silent awareness and sharp vision, Fenja opens up space where wisdom can flow (hers as well as mine). As an art director, Fenja lovingly created the identity of my new business. An empowering experience that gave me the confidence to work proudly with the package she delivered."

Leoni van de Water


Personal sessions

and trajectories


I coach, inspire, and make whole. In the intersection between universal wisdom and personal challenges, we focus on finding your point of stillness amidst your challenges and the daily dynamics of an interactive life. We work towards inspiration, trust, deepening, clarity, and wholeness. Over the years, I have guided different people in the development of consciousness, navigating the waters of loss, and the mastering of the mind.

Through conversation, meditation, and energy work revolutionize your consciousness to the next level. Together we go to your core and from there out again. With tools you can use for a lifetime.

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In the intersection between the visible and invisible, between potential and presence, between universal wisdom and personal challenges, we focus on finding strength and wisdom in the daily dynamics of an interactive life. 

Business sessions

and trajectories


For-motivated do-ers and entrepreneurs, highly conscious creatives, role models and leaders with a mission. Together we dive into the structures of your being but, possibly, also translate your potential, project or business to a new vision. Over the years, I have guided different people and projects in the development of concept, consciousness, mission, vision, art direction, as well as on a strategic level. 


In my business sessions, I use both ancient and scientific knowledge, meditation and mindfulness, personal experiences, as well as art direction, creative and strategic thinking from a design thinking perspective. Read more on Fenja's personal page.

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