About me


I integrate the science, the school of life, and decisiveness. I bring silence, energy and movement. I see you, your potential and endless possibilities. By connecting you with a feeling of trust, we can activate a powerful force. This means not only growing as a person, but also in your life and business.


For almost ten years I am living a life completely based on trust. From my essence, in connection, and freedom—in work, in living, and in navigating decision and time. My focus lies on deep knowledge, creative guidance and transformation. I have overcome uncertainty, fear, and loss and through that, I have found a great untapped source. In my trajectories, I share my many years of experience, tools and insights. I show how to actually apply the many age-old and modern wisdom and traditions.

Desert in Dark

What others say about this program

Selected knowledge and great tools to keep in the spiritual path in a more grounded and practical way, to truly understand the power we have and to start learning how to live in trust. I feel more in peace and happy, lot less worried and more aware.

— Isela

I have come to the realisation there is nothing to fear. It is safe to surrender to life and enjoy the ride!

— Anonymous

It helped me to be much more conscious about my life and the way it is in this moment. It learned me to dive more into the now and less living in the past or future. It gave me tools for more peace, awareness and trust.

— Aemilia


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