Navigating through life differently. From tranquility, space, and confidence—at home, in your team, and business. Feeling comfortable in the midst of the daily dynamics and uncertainty. An infinite mindset. Success and creation from your center.


Leoni van

de Water

Sensual Business Coach

“Being coached by Fenja changed my perspective on life profoundly. I learned to trust life more. I can see more clearly at - and beyond - structures like society, time and our mind. This changed the way I relate to people, nature and myself. From fear to love. From insecurity to trust. She's your person to get there.”

By navigating on trust we master the age-old art of embracing uncertainty. Because the unknown is the fertile ground for innovation, wealth and freedom.

The principles of trust are about what happens to us, energetically when we establish an abiding attitude of trust. It heightens intuition, drives innovation, and brings a feeling of interconnectedness. And above all, it results in extraordinary dividend.


 head, heart

& gut

The latest business research shows that even on the highest level—both in business as well as life—decisions are made intuitive. Still in Western society, we tend to overfocus on the rational mind. But to be truly successful, we need to start learning how to balance the head, heart & gut. 

Business & lifestyle programma

Navigate on Trust


For conscious freelancers and exceptional entrepreneurs. Highly authentic leaders and business consultants. 


Navigate on Trust is a 6-month program setting off a psychological revolution of the mind, body and spirit. Through a robust game plans growing in trust and leading from the inside out—both personally and professionally. I guide you strategically, energetically, and creatively. 


After 6 months you navigate your life, team or business from more steadiness, freedom and trust. You have a deeper connection, not only with yourself but with your mission and people around. This improves relationships, brings exceptional work results and propels confidence. Because trust is the breeding ground for authenticity, intuition and success. Let’s find out if we are a match. 


Part of the program:

1-on-1 strategy, energy and creativity

The 1-on-1 sessions are focused on your personal path. Delving deep into the structures of the mind and overcoming fears and obstacles. Tools to create trust, tranquility, and connection. —personally and professionally. I support you strategically, energetically, and creatively.


& group wisdom 


Together we can do more. We attract what we vibrate. We are all connected. Relating and Resonating. In group dynamic, we will grow, challenge and support each other. We do this live and through weekly online sessions. A time for connection, questions and reflection.

consciousness & connection days 


Over the course of 6 months, we will meet several times. Raise our awareness together. To connect—with ourselves and with each other. Because consciousness is the foundation for creation. We will learn from inspiring people, learn new tools and have extraordinary sessions.

The leaders who embrace a trust mindset, build stronger, more innovative, and more inspiring teams, business, lives and families.

—Simon Sinek

1-on-1 Sessions & Trajectories

Time for transformation

Next to the Navigate on Trust program, also

1-on-1 personal sessions. For highly conscious leaders, role models, and exceptional entrepreneurs. Heart-motivated do-ers and creatives. Recoveries from an unbalanced Western system.


When we learn to read the signs of life we can easier navigate the existential river. Like a mysterious stream of events and opportunities we co-create. Together dancing, you and the river. This way of understanding opes the way to your essence. A deep knowing that life is designed to work with you instead of against. That what I look for, also is looking for me. And the more we let go into this natural flow, the more magic, bountiful and beautiful the dance.


  • You are aware, sensitive and open;

  • You feel that you are ready for a new level of awareness and (business) opportunities, personally and/or professionally;

  • You are creating for the world;

  • You are open to new ways of doing, seeing and looking.


I combine the school of life, science and action. I bring energy and movement. By connecting you with a feeling of trust, you can emit light and move forward. This not only means a revolution in consciousness, but also a transformation professionally. I integrate psychology, science, ancient knowledge, creative and strategic advice from a design thinking perspective. 

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The understanding of trust is something like trying to catching a stream of running water. By catching the water we clearly will not understand what running water is. To catch running water we have to let it go and flow. The same counts for that thing we call trust.


Ready to reset Silence and energy-work, solo mini-retreat

The idea that manifestation sprouts from an invisible, nevertheless active field, is slowly making its way into Western society.


Imagine—you throw a little stone into a pond and watching it ripple. The. after a while, when the ripples settle down, you throw another little stone and watch its long and rolling effect. That's exactly what you do when you go into silence with full intention. Because in silence, even the faintest idea or intention will ripple across the underlying ground of consciousness. But if you do not experience stillness, if your mind and surroundings are like a turbulent ocean—you could throw the Eiffel tower into it, and wouldn't notice a thing.


So first you have to experience stillness. Stillness is the first requirement for manifesting. I will guide you on a long weekend in making contact with this all-connecting field. You, alone in the silence—no distraction, except for a paper and pen. This gives you the opportunity to be completely with yourself, your inner space and perhaps a specific question. And through energy work, we clean up your energetic space—for an even better connection.



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