I am a creative director, researcher and storyteller dividing my time between Amsterdam, Morocco and the world.  

As an adventurer of culture and consciousness,

I am interested in our human quest for development and freedom. I take inspiration from art, design, culture, science, innovation, interconnectedness, traditions, visions, nature, dreams and travel. 


Working, I am most happy designing concepts and supervising a vision. Not only to share my personal experiences, but making transformational spaces, creating personal & brand environments, and to share research and stories that support our human desire for purpose and direction.


Virtual + real-life products and places that promote consciousness and connection and reflect a deeper sense of belonging—a sustainable and unique place for each of us in the dynamic web of things and the greater whole. 

Within natural surroundings, I work with the mediums of writing, photography, design, video, art, icons and illustration to achieve that goal.