The Trust Program met Fenja

I am so happy you are joining this program. You most probably are here because you are looking for a deeper connection with yourself and life. You want to connect to a deep sense of trust. You are looking for peace of mind, more space, more satisfaction, connection, and purpose. Less head, more heart and gut. 

To get to know you a little better, I would like to invite you to fill out the questions below. To hear your biggest wishes and biggest hurdles. To work together in the journey of transformation.

Please take 10 to 15 minutes to fill out this form. 

How much time would you like to set aside for yourself on a daily basis to reach this goal?
How much experience do you have with mindfulness?NoneLittleGoodA lotAdvancedHow much experience do you have with mindfulness?
How mich experience do you have with meditation?NoneLittleGoodA lotAdvancedHow mich experience do you have with meditation?

Thanks! I am looking forward to our journeu.