Through silence you create space to discover your inner wisdom. Through contemplation, asking the right questions, and energywork we create a deep connection to your essence. And it is in this space where you find your answers.

Solo mini-retreat

Ready to reset 

All of creation is born out of the invisible field of life. A field of intelligence and information. And the way to co-create with this field is through connection and silence. And yet, almost every force in our culture serves to distract awareness. The incessant turmoil in our cities, social media, telephones, tv, headlines of newspapers, fashion and all other thousand things specifically designed to grab our attention. 

In the solo mini-retreat we are together, in nature, contemplation, and silence. Without distraction—except for you and a paper and pen. By staying from the daily activities, you create space to discover your own inner wisdom. Through silence, meditation, and energy-work, we create a deep connection with your essence. Because it is here that lies your connection to the field that connects everything with everything else.

Date & location


  • 2 or 3 nights in a private house close to nature

  • In the Netherlands (or abroad) depending on dates

  • Full board

  • Dates variable 

Who are you?

  • You are looking for introspection, you want to put a specific problem or question under the microscope

  • You wish to clarify your purpose in life

  • You feel t is time for processing or cleaning

  • You are simply in need for silence and connection

What we will do

  • Depending on your need: we dive into the silence, we have interactive coaching and business sessions

  • I guide into meditation, a number of (simple) awareness techniques

  • Coordinated energy-work on your themes or questions

  • We work on a specific goal or with a specific intention

"Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything."

—Gordon Hampton