Do you want to learn a different way of navigating? From tranquility, space, and confidence—at home, in your team, and business? Feeling comfortable in the midst of the daily dynamics and uncertainty. An infinite mindset. Success and creation from your center.


Interested in working together in in a personal or business trajectory? Transformational coaching, deep insights, strategy and art direction.


Leoni van

de Water

Sensual Business Coach

“Being coached by Fenja changed my perspective on life profoundly. I learned to trust life more. I can see more clearly at—and beyond—structures like society, time and our mind. This changed the way I relate to people, nature and myself. From fear to love. From insecurity to trust. She's your person to get there.”

By navigating on trust we master the age-old art of embracing uncertainty. Because the unknown is the fertile ground for innovation, wealth and freedom.


 head, heart

& gut

The latest business research shows that even on the highest level—both in business as well as life—decisions are made intuitive. Still in Western society, we tend to overfocus on the rational mind. But to be truly successful, we need to start learning how to balance head, heart & gut. 


I bring silence, energy and movement. By connecting you with a feeling of trust, you can emit light and move forward. This not only means a revolution in consciousness, but also a transformation professionally. I integrate psychology, science, ancient knowledge, creative and strategic advice from a design thinking perspective. 

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The understanding of trust is something like trying to catching a stream of running water. By catching the water we clearly will not understand what running water is. To catch running water we have to let it go and flow. The same counts for that thing we call trust.