Summer in Southern Uruguay

The summer was warm and long. Computers and technology were forgotten and life wheeled around what seemed to be the really important things of existence: the ocean, surf, food, dogs and cats and, of course, each other.

From the moment we arrived, Uruguay paved the road for a very smooth ride. The people embraced us like a warm blanket, making life too easy to wonder, let alone worry about it all.

Like so many foreigners around here, in the midst of seemingly nothing peculiar, we got trapped by an unexpected feeling of happiness. What are these places along the coast? Small, not much happens, and no world wonders. Good waves, every now and then, yes.

Maybe it is the Uruguayan coast or just Uruguay in general. You find yourself going to a place, just for a few days, and weeks later you find yourself still not wanting to think about when to move on…next week…maybe.

And so the Southern Uruguayan summer months ran by, living the good life, and re-living the Uruguayan slow life, as our navigating on trust journey began here in Uruguay during the South American summer of 2012. More good friends were made, more food was digested, and return invitations happily accepted.

But plans or no plans, sometimes it is just time to go. Only if it would be to renew that passport stamp and stay for another month or so, or to start another great adventure in an unknown country ahead.

And so we find ourselves again amazed by the mystery of simple joyful living, but this time making one thing sure: our farewell is just for now. We are leaving El Verde behind, safely stored on Uruguayan ground, performing as the perfect excuse to be back again soon.

We’ll see where other vehicles will take us for a while, and pick him up again in a month or so, or the next summer. Who knows…