Travel, worth doing slowly

After being only a few months on the road again, I remember what it was that I was longing for. Something we are maybe all longing for in life: a simple life, a life outside in nature, a life free in movement.

In the last weeks we have been in some amazing places, parking just in the middle of nowhere or somewhere, getting deeper connected to culture, nature, and a true slow life. Because the Van Life is one that awakes the spirits—away from screens, to do’s, and attends. To something that feels more like a “truer reality”, something more profound.

El Verde’s small space undressed us from excessive possessions and his modest 80 km per hour top speed, plus the 150 kilometers day driving limit we gave ourselves—not only forces us to move slow, but at the same time slowly shifts our perspectives. The realization of having more by having less, carefully moving through a real-life slow-motion, opening up to detail and the here and now. Something which I think, sooner or later, we maybe are all wishing for. Mae West once said “everything worth doing is worth doing slowly”, and I am starting to grasp the meaning of it. And all that thanks to our El Verde.