Excluding Sales Tax
  • In my programs I share my knowledge, experience and tools. In addition to following the program, you must reserve sufficient time for the assignments yourself. I can’t guarantee that following my program to significant successes. However, I will make every effort to ensure that you have the right tools to successfully follow and complete my programs. And I will be there for each client within the duration of the program. The support I offer depends on which program, service, or package you purchase.

    The agreement entails a best efforts obligation from me, and not an obligation of result. I will make every effort to achieve a positive result, but cannot guarantee that this result will be achieved. In the execution of the agreement, the execution will be done in a manner that may be expected of any reasonably acting and competent coach.

    Payment is made via the webshop or directly with Navigate on Trust when purchasing a program, session, product or trajectory. The participant will receive an invoice for this. If installments are possible, a participant agrees by making the first installment payment that Navigate on Trust may automatically or manually collect subsequent installments. If payment is made in installments, the obligation to pay remains even after completion of the program.

    If you are behind with your payment obligation, I reserve the right to block your access to the course and/or program until you have paid the relevant term(s).

    Offers, prices or quotations do not automatically apply to future programs or quotations.

    You can cancel your participation no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the start of the program or trajectory, provided you can demonstrate a valid reason. As a courtesy, we will refund 40% of the course fee. You can cancel by sending an email to If a refund applies, you will be refunded it as soon as possible. After cancellation you must hand in all the received course materials.

    After the 14 (fourteen) day period it is no longer possible to cancel participation in the course and/or program and you must pay the full participant fee. You explicitly agree that article 7:408 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code does not apply and that premature termination is not possible.

    Meditation(s) and audiofiles are delivered digitally and cannot be exchanged and/or refunded.