Adventures often start with a longing. A quiet whisper saying there must be more to life. Do you dare to listen?

Program dates
The Trust Program: March 7 - May 10
Male edition (short version, males only): spring (dates will follow)
The Trust Program: autumn (dates will follow


In a twelve week program you’ll be guided through the principles of trust. These seven steps form a unique framework to connect you to a new sense of self. Discover a new way of being. Find an unshakable sense of trust in life and the future.

Imagine this

Deep down inside, you feel you are always connected. Connected to something larger—to life and most of all, to your deepest self. That you know you don't have to listen to that inner critique anymore. That you are connected to the greater intelligence of life. That you can lean back and confide. Your inner wisdom. That life presents you extraordinary things when you learn to hand over control.


This is the art of sailing instead of rowing. An important shift in consciousness that defines your a new personal state of being. A level of consciousness that forms the base for a new kind of leadership, at home, at work, and in your interaction with the world at large.


You are looking for ways to quiet your ever-busy mind. You find it hard to find a sense of calm in the midst of a life filled with important things like your job, to-do’s, and appointments. You often feel hurried and meditating sounds like just another thing to add to your to-do list.


You have a deep longing

A longing to sink deeper into yourself. To really connect to your core, to your body, to life. To learn to use your energy from that deep place within, a different kind of leadership. You would like to have more control over your thoughts, less noise. You would like to gain control by letting go and having peace with "what is."

Your wish is to develop more trust, tranquility, and awareness—to live from the power and intelligence from within. To move together with life, to follow its stream. You feel it is time to develop to the next level of consciousness.

Because you lead a busy life. You live life to the fullest. But still, you feel something is missing.

You have a nagging feeling inside. A feeling that tells you that there is more to life. More freedom, more trust, more peace and connection, more magic.

You find it difficult to apply mindfulness and meditation in your daily life, while the drive is most certainly there. You have certain knowledge, but you keep going back to old patterns, which are often not healthy and certainly not a sign of self-care. And you have a busy mind. You find it difficult to keep this in check, a lot of worry, stress, negativity, doubt or a feeling of insecurity.

You may have already learned some meditation or mindfulness techniques. Or, you would like to start, or learn more. You have read books and know a few of the basic spiritual laws and principles.

But now, you wish to understand this art of living even deeper, more profound. You want to apply it to every aspect of your daily life, not just in theory, or on the meditation cushion or yoga mat. You want to make it an integral part of your day-to-day. And you are committed in doing so.

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What if...

A few practices and the ability to trust could profoundly change the way you do work and life?

We promise you don’t have to become a monk. You totally can be that mother, lover and good friend that shows up to all the parties and still live a connected life.

Get inspired by a community of trust-seekers determined to do life in their own way. Find motivation by practicing together, find recognition in each other's stories and learn from the experiences of other brave souls diving into trust.


A 12-week online program

An online program with live meetings and group coaching sessions with an international group of unique people: conscious leaders, leading creatives and adventurous well-being workers.

In the 12 week program and through the 7 life principles you will be guided through a personal process. Fenja guides you during the live meetings, with new knowledge, exercises and meditations, but you also do a part of the work at home through reading, daily practices, and guided audio files. 

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Knowledge, hands on practices and meditation

Through new knowledge, pratical exercises and guided meditation you work on changing your mindset and activate a new state of being in your life.


In this process, you learn to understand the structures of the mind—her tricks, convictions, and limitations. You learn to observe and overcome them. You learn to connect with your heart, your body and inner compass. After the program you master the art of navigating on trust and have the tools to continue to do so. 


I learned that I'm always connected to something bigger and that therefore nothing really really bad can happen

I also now have the feeling of leaning back, as a body feeling, and that there is no need to react to everything which comes along my way (and that’s freedom!). And for sure also the experience that great things are happening when I do less and let go control.


The program practically

+ The Trust Program takes place in a live online learning environment via Zoom

+ We start on Monday, March 7 and end the program on Sunday, May 10

+ You receive the 7 principles of trust, in theory, daily practices, and guided mediation

+ It is not obligated to be present each meeting, read more in the faq)

+ The online live Mondays are recorded and can be replayed in your own time

+ Every other weeks there is an online live Q&A, group coaching, and meditation session


+ You'll receive the Navigate on Trust handbook with the 7 principles and practical tools

+ You receive 7 guided audio journeys/meditations which you have for a lifetime

+ You receive 3 meditation techniques to make your own

+ You have one year access to the replays


Working towards a new way of being

During 12 weeks we dive deep into the 7 principles of trust. These lead you slowly but steadily into a new way of being.


In the program, you learn to understand and apply the 7 principles on three different levels: at the level of the mind through theory and knowledge, at the level of experience through practice in your daily life, and at the non-verbal level, a deep knowing, through meditation.



During The Trust Program you will learn the 7 principles of trust at the level of the mind through theory & knowledge you receive during the live meetings and in the Navigate on Trust handbook. The literature and live teachings will introduce and explain fundamental (spiritual) concepts. The reading will help you understand these concepts and encourage you to contemplate.



During The Trust Program you will learn the 7 principles of trust at the level of experience, through the practical exercises you do during the live meetings and take with you into your day. Each principle comes with tools and practices to fully integrate them into your life. In this way, you can really apply and experience the principles and find out which practices really suit you and your lifestyle.

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During The Trust Program you will learn the 7 principles of trust on the non-verbal level, the deep knowing through meditation. You will receive guided meditations during the online sessions and audio files you can keep for a lifetime. These powerful meditations will bring you to new states of awareness and make you experience reality in new ways. It’s an embodied and non-verbal way of understanding that goes far beyond the thinking mind.


"I find myself using tools I learned from you almost daily. Just in the last 24 hours I’ve found myself in a situation that has caused me anxiety, and instead of trying to distract myself from the anxiety or resolve things as soon as possible, I’ve been allowing the feeling of discomfort, locating it in my body, breathing into it, and simply noticing all the ways my mind is scrambling to “handle” or get rid of the situation. It feels a whole lot like self care on a deep level!"

The wisdom of this program has truly been a lifeline for me

Through the 7 principles of  trust​ you will

+ Look at the world with fresh eyes
+ Access a new kind of leadership, from control to flow 
+ Master your mind, learn the structures of your mind, her tricks, beliefs, and limitations

+ Receive tools to deal with (negative) emotions, feelings and thoughts

+ Do more by doing less

+ Experience obstacles as opportunities 

+ Always know you are part of the greater web of existence

+ Find more peace and calm in every moment

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Sometimes all the ways to interpret spirituality confuse you. Some concepts are hard to believe and even harder to apply. Especially when they seem to clash with the western worldview and science. And to make it even more challenging some theories feel contradictory to others. You want your life to be guided by spiritual concepts but it often ends up in even more confusion.


All the principles are grounded in both ancient wisdom as well as modern sciences

+ Week 1 & 2: The principle of a Greater Intelligence

Learn to connect with the underlying intelligence of nature and the universe


+ Week 3 & 4: The principle of Organic Space and Time

Move through life from tranquility and with space, both in your internal as well as external world


+ Week 4 & 5: The principle of The Expanded Self

Move beyond the mind and come home in your body and yourself


+ Week 6 & 7: The principle of Dynamic Exchange

How can you attract the things you want by using your mind and heart 

+ Week 8: The principle of Non-Resistance

Discover the power of surrender and live in alignment with your heart as a compass

+ Week 9: The principle of Uncertainty

Move beyond your fears and learn the art of embracing uncertainty

+ Week 10 & 11: The principle of Purpose & Direction

Connect to your deeper purpose and direction for life

+ Week 12: Navigate on Trust closure

Each principle is accompanied by theory, meditation and various exercises that you can incorporate into your day. You can use this knowledge, exercises and meditations for a lifetime. Its repetition will make you go one step deeper each time.



+ 7 Modules/Principles through 10 live online classes

+ 10 extra live group coaching sessions and/or meditations

+ The Navigate on Trust handbook with the 7 principles and practices

+ 7 professional meditations highlighting each principle

+ 3 meditation practices

+ A yearlong access to the online meetings



Pay €1299,- including VAT


* You can pay in 3 terms of €433,-

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"I realized how life changing can the meditation be. I got to places I've never been, with the nicest guidance I felt the "space" and experience putting my intentions in it. The knowledge of the power of transformation that we have is a big win for me."



"This program is more than a course. It is a life guide to become the best version of you. The course is full of practical tools that will translate complex spiritual concepts into everyday life tips to grab and embrace yourself, your path and the Universe that we are part of.”



“A clear awareness of the negative patterns of my mind and the effect these have on my life. The understanding that I can choose not to identify with the mind has given me a sense of hope and freedom and I am excited to strengthen my awareness even further, using the tools provided.”


After almost ten years, of diving deep into myself, after having known great adventure, great happiness, and great loss. After countless hours of meditation, the knowledge of different wisdom traditions, energy work, and researching the development of human consciousness ... I felt it was time to collect and bundle all this knowledge. In a signature program in which I could share and transmit all my discoveries and practices. In this program, I share with you the 7 life principles that I have distilled throughout all these years of experience and research, in simple steps. Because I want nothing more than trust, freedom, connection, and happiness to sink into your life.

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Why did I design this program?

For who is this program

This program is for anyone who longs for a free and connected life. Who wishes to evolve to a new state of being. This program is ideal for you if:

+ You wish to develop to have a different attitude towards life

+ You wish for a deeper connection with yourself and life

+ You want to discover a deeper purpose

+ You want to dive into the structures of mind, heart & gut

+ You want to experience more peace and flow.

This program is NOT for you if:

+ You are not committed to taking responsibility for your life

+ You are not motivated to do the work

what is needed for that

+ Don't want to let go of your current way of thinking

This program is for beginners in mindfulness and meditation as well, and perhaps especially, for those with more, and even a lot, of experience. This program is also very suitable for coaches, leaders, and teachers who want to impart the art of trust to their own clients, students or colleagues.

"The leaders who embrace a trust mindset, build stronger, more innovative, and more inspiring teams, business, lives and families."

—Simon Sinek

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Is this program something for me if I already have experience with mindfulness & meditation?

Yes, definitely. With this program, you will go a step deeper, especially with previous experience (ie. yoga, Vipassana, Zen and other techniques and teachers). This program gives you very clear tools and handles to apply these teachings, mindfulness and meditation into your busy daily life instead of only on the yoga mat or meditation cushion. You work towards a personal practice and change of mindset.

How much time do I have to invest (daily) in the program?

The program is structured in such a way that, depending on your life and lifestyle, you can decide for yourself how much time you want to invest in the practices. From a few hours a week to an hour a day. You decide how fast you want to go and how much time you want to spend. Generally, I do recommend investing at least 40 minutes a day for your practices.

Is this program right for me if I'm just starting out with mindfulness & meditation?

Yes. This program gives you a good first step in discovering mindfulness and meditation. You apply the exercises in your daily life and get guided meditations to start with. Your will and your commitment is more important than your experience. And you will see, by repeating the theory and practices you will go a layer deeper, step by step.

I find it quite a lot of money for an online program.

I get that and it's an investment. An investment in yourself. And the moment you give personal development a very special push. Because by doing this program you indicate that you wish to grow and that you are really going to do this in your life. Therefore, in this program, you will be fully guided personally in the bi-weekly online meetings so that you can really do that.

What if I cannot join all the live meetings during the 12 weeks?

The Trust Program's live meetings are twice a week (not every week 2 times). It is therefore very understandable that you cannot attend every meeting. The Monday meetings are always recorded, during these meetings you receive most content and exercises. You can replay these meetings up to a year after the program. The Thursday meetings will be recorded when requested. It is therefore no problem if you miss one or a number of meetings, you can continue with the program in your own time with the Replays and thehandbook that you receive.

Is your question not here? Please don't hesitate to ask.

Deze wordt zo snel mogelijk beantwoordt.

What if I have already paid and still want to cancel?

Two weeks before the program starts, you will receive a full refund. I think it is important that everyone who participates is 100% motivated. Once the training has started, you will receive a 40% refund up to 14 days. You will then have already received the first meditations and the Navigate on trust handbook.



So much more confidence, in myself and the universe. That I have to be more patient. Now I have learned that I can see problems are invitations to change. It was, and still is, a beautiful journey. I really feel more calm and have found more happiness in myself. Trust the universe and enjoy life, your dreams know the way!



"The mix of readings, individual guided meditations, group meditations and one to one sessions is a great mix to guide you into a deep exploration of yourself, your fears and your place in the bigger picture of the Universe. This course guides you to clear the obstacles that you unconsciously put on your path to your full potential.”



Selected knowledge and great tools to keep in the spiritual path in a more grounded and practical way, to truly understand the power we have and to start learning how to live in trust. I feel more peace, happiness, less worries and more consciousness.

Fenja, consciousness thinker and transformational coach

Fenja is a consciousness thinker and transformational coach. She teaches mindfulness, meditation, and the universal laws. After her long personal research and her own life experiences, she has developed the 7 Principles of Trust, based these investigations in ancient wisdom and modern science.

Through these principles, she wants to give you the opportunity to learn a new way of moving through life. Something that is so much needed in this mind and result-based society. Through knowledge, practical exercises, and meditation she takes you on a special journey—a journey inwards and from there out again. 

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"My focus is on deep knowledge, personal guidance and transformation. In my trajectories I share my many years of experiences, tools and insights. I show how you can actually apply the many ancient and modern wisdoms and traditions in your life."


Apply for the next program starting March 7 (group size is limited)


Because through the combination of theory and practice you discover the unique building blocks of trust. The program:

- Teaches you how to integrate spiritual concepts

- Combines spirituality with a scientific approach

- Reconnects you to your deeper self and the magic of existence

- Discover a new form of relaxation, leadership and a new way of making decisions



Pay in 3 terms of €399,-
or €1199,- in total
prices exclude 21%VAT