Welcome to The Trust Program In all the busy-ness of the modern world, you have made this amazing choice: to work on creating a deeper connection to yourself and life. Together with me and a beautiful group of people. On this page you will find all instructions and data of the course. Save this page, so that you have easy access.

Let's get started

To start our journey together I would like to ask you to fill out this baseline form. Here we will look together at your challenges, your previous experiences, and your desires and wishes for the future. 

I also use this form to customize classes and the content of the program to your specific needs. 


Replays and online meetings via zoom

Our online meeting space will be Zoom. if you haven't used the platform yes, download the app on your computer or telephone. 

During the meetings, we will work as a group together and also go into little breakout rooms. Here you can find the link for each of our meetings during the course, as well as for the replays. These will stay available to you for one year.  

Zoom meetings

Zoom call link

Meetings program Sept-Dec '21


Replays link

Meetings program Sept-Dec '21


The time displayed for each meeting is CEST time (Amsterdam). Know that the Monday meetings will take around 2 to 2.5 hours and the Thursday meetings will take around 1 to 1.5 hours. The Monday Meetings will be available for replay. 

The principle of a Greater Intelligence

Mon 20 Sept: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 23 Sept: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Mon 27 Sept: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Kick-off meeting & principle 1

Group session

Principle 1 & Group session

The principle of organic space and time

Mon. 4 Oct: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 7 Oct: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Mon 11 Oct: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 13 Oct: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Principle 2

Group session

Principle 2, week 2

Group session

The principle of the Expanded Self

Mon 18 Oct: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 21 Oct: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Mon 28 Oct: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Principle 3

Group session

Principle 3 & Group session

The principle of Dynamic Exchange

Mon 1 Nov: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 4 Nov: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Mon 8 Nov: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Principle 4

Group session

Principle 4 & Groups session

The principle of No-resistance

Mon 15 Nov: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 18 Nov: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Principle 5

Group session

The principle of Uncertainty

Mon 22 Nov: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 25 Nov: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Principle 6

Group session

The principle of Purpose and Direction

Mon 29 Nov: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 2 Dec: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Mon 6 Dec: 7.30pm/19.30 CEST

Thu 9 Dec: 8.00pm/20.00 CEST

Principle 7

Group session

Principle 7, week 2

Group session & Closing

Before each group coaching session, you can send a specific your question via this form, maximum 2 hours before the meeting. 

What if you cannot join all the live meetings during the 12 weeks?

The Trust Program's live meetings are often twice a week. It is therefore very understandable that you cannot attend every meeting. The Monday meetings are always recorded, during these meetings you receive most of the content and exercises. You can replay these meetings up to a year after the program. The Thursday meetings will be recorded when requested. It is therefore no problem if you miss one or a number of meetings, you can continue with the program in your own time with the replays and the handbook that you receive.


1-on-1 sessions

During the program, you can always book a private session if you have a special issue, problem, trauma, or question you would like to address. Over the years, I have guided different people in the development of consciousness, navigating the waters of loss, mastering the mind, and steering towards their purpose.

Through conversation, meditation, and energy work we revolutionize your consciousness to the next level. Together we go to your core and from there out again. Private sessions during The Trust Program are available at a reduced price. Single session for €75,- and a three-session series for €200,- (prices excluding VAT)